Valentine's Day Special - Push Traffic is the Best for Dating Offers

A little over a month ago, banners were the king of ad formats in our network, when it came to promoting dating offers. Now, a little over a month after introducing push notification ads, they have taken the dating throne. What better day to celebrate this accomplishment than Valentine's Day?!

Last week, we posted this sexy little number on our Instagram to make a very simple point: Push traffic is rocking dating.


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Being the data-driven network, we don't post something like a recommendation on what vertical to promote without crunching some numbers first. Let's share some of that data we value so much.

Dating is the #1 vertical promoted on push so far

It's really not very surprising, considering that the nature of push notification ads gives you direct access to end users like no other ad format can provide. Your dating ad can literally be delivered straight to the home screen of a person's phone.

No wonder the competition on this format is sky-rocketing unlike anything we've seen since the mobile boom. You simply can't beat direct access to people you're trying to sell your product to.

Average CPC bids on push traffic are higher than on banners

For example, if you're buying USA banner traffic right now, the average CPC bid we're seeing is $0.025 ($25 per 1k clicks). On push traffic, it's now exceeding $0.06 ($60 per 1k clicks) for traffic from the United States.

That just goes to show you how much advertisers are loving this ad format. Here are some more CPC bids for popular countries on banners and push traffic:

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