Introducing Dynamic Text Macros for Push Notification Ads ?

Dynamically place the end user’s city, country, zip code, etc. into the ad copy of your push notification ads to improve CTR, trust and conversion rates.

It would be pretty cool as a media buyer, if you could dynamically insert the city where the person viewing your advertisement lives into your ad text. Well, thanks to our new dynamic text macros for push notification ads, you can do that (and more) to make your push ad copy more powerful than ever before.

Available Dynamic Text Macros for Push Ads

The following parameters can be added to your push ad title and/or push ad description when creating push notification ads HERE.

{$city} The city, f.ex. Beverly Hills

{$city_lower} The city in lowercase , f.ex. beverly hills

{$country} The country, f.ex. United States

{$country_lower} The country in lowercase, f.ex. united states

{$region} The state, municipality or county, depending on the country. F.ex. California

{$region_lower} The region in lowercase, f.ex. california

{$zip} The zip or postal code, f.ex. 90210

How to Use Dynamic Text Parameters

The above tokens can be used in a large variety of ways. One example that will be quite relevant for promoting a variety of dating offers could be changing the push ad title from something like “Women searching for ?” to “{$city} women searching for ?”.

If a person in London then sees this push notification, it’ll display as “London women searching for ?”. Meanwhile, an end user in New York getting this push ad would see it as “New York women searching for ?”. This small difference will make the advertisement seem much more authentic and convincing to both people seeing your ad. Jackpot, baby! ?

The tokens will always be replaced with relevant data about the actual person viewing the push ad. It can make your push ads seem much more trustworthy and will make them even more productive than they already are!

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