Important & Exciting: New Things at PlugRush

Better referral program stats, the new PlugRush Performance Monitor tool, win rate percentages for advertisers, and more are covered in this comprehensive blog post to cover all that is new at PlugRush!

There are a few new things at PlugRush we wanted to announce. Our devs have been typing away furiously to get all of this ready. ???

Improved Stats for the PlugRush Referral Program

You may not know this, but if you refer people who buy traffic (advertisers) or people who sell traffic (publishers) to PlugRush, you can earn money based on what they’re spending or earning. Forever.

On the 15th of every month, we’ll add money to your account balance based on what your referred users have spent / earned the previous month.

Previously, we didn’t provide more info than that really. Just how many people registered under you and then we added your wonderful passive income to your account balance every 15th like clockwork.

Now, here is what has been improved to give you a better overview of your referral earnings:

  • You can see which referrals are making you money this month by checking the ‘Pending Payout’ column of your PlugRush Referral Stats.
  • On the funds page of your PlugRush account, you can click the amount in blue under ‘pending earnings’ to see your pending referral payouts, including the exact date when which pending funds will be added to your available account balance.

Learn more about our unique (we’re the only network that gives you credit for referring both advertisers AND publishers) referral program in our guide about it HERE, because you need to be referring everyone you know to us to generate that sweet, sweet passive income for yourself! ?

The PlugRush Performance Monitor tells you how to be better!

We’re always looking to help PlugRush users make the best out of the little time they have available to them to be successfull publishers or advertisers.

There are guides available for our important tools like Automated Rules, but we wanted to do a better job of guiding individual users in our platform beyond this.

To do just that, our developers put in place the PlugRush Performance Monitor. You can find it at the very top of the user interface and it gives you warnings & notices about your account to make your use of it more efficient and profitable.

We will continue to work on this feature to make it absolutely awesome at spotting things you could be doing to improve your experience and profitability with us!


Examples of how the Performance Monitor helps:

  • If you haven’t enabled push ads on your websites yet as a publisher, it will tell you to do that… because you’d be a fool to leave that kind of passive income on the table.
  • Similarly, it will tell you to enable conversion tracking as an advertiser, if you’ve failed to do so up to this point. It’s the easiest way to have conversion data reflected in your PlugRush campaign stats, so you can optimize them manually by seeing where you have conversions (all in one place instead of two or more). Pro Tip: With conversion tracking enabled, you can even optimize campaigns automatically with Automated Rules.

Win Rate has replaced the Average Position (now obsolete) metric

This one is a real game-changer for all advertisers. It basically tells you how much traffic you’re missing out on by not having a higher CPC bid. Read the quick guide about how to use the win rate percentage HERE.

Win Rate Percentage Examples

Smaller changes worth mentioning…

  • Advertisers can now conveniently edit daily budgets of their campaigns from the campaign overview. You no longer need to go to the campaign editor for this. Just click the daily budget amount and put in what you want to change it to, then click anywhere on the page to finish.
  • In the campaign creator, the CPC bid is now set in the same section as the daily budget.

Keep enjoying your summer! ? We’ll let you guys know about any further changes at PlugRush on our Facebook page. (It’s also the only place we post most promo codes, so make sure you follow us on FB.)