PlugRush’s New Feature Presentation

At The European Summit in Prague, we will present a new feature called Automated Rules. It helps media buyers automatically optimize their ad campaigns.

The European Summit in Prague is a few days away and we have a bomb we’re ready to drop!

But first, some history… The primary task of any media buyer when they buy website traffic is optimizing ad campaigns to a positive ROI, and then scaling them to boost profits. This is what usually takes up most of their working hours and is a limiting factor in an effective time-management strategy.

At PlugRush, we wanted to create a tool that would complete the exhausting task of editing every single campaign while you optimize it. A tool that would rule for our advertisers, leaving them with more time on their hands to go over their strategies, scale faster and become more profitable – sooner.

That’s how we’ve developed and tested automation tool for advertisers in a simple form of a button called Rules, and we’re ready to reveal it to every advertiser out there. To tease you even more, this feature has saved our in-house media buyers about 87% of time spent on the campaign optimization!

Wanna know more? Of course, you do, which is why PlugRush prepared an awesome presentation on PlugRush Automated Rules that we’ll give this Sunday, September 16th at 15:00, in Madrid Seminar Room within The European Summit in Prague. Read more about the participation of our team in the blog post here.

Attendees will have a unique opportunity to see, hear and learn about:

  • How exactly you can limit your time spent on optimizing campaigns;
  • Earn more and scale faster in a more cost-efficient way;
  • How to boost your bid automatically on certain parts of the campaigns’ traffic to skyrocket your ROI and make bigger profits;
  • Walk through campaign creation, optimization and using the Automated Rules – live! And much much more.

This is a tool that both newbies and seasoned media buyers will love, so be sure to be there early, the number of seats is limited!

Looking forward to see you there!

If you are not attending the show, please do not worry. Stay tuned by subscribing to the newsletter from PlugRush and you will be notified when a detailed guide on the PlugRush Automated Rules is published.

And remember: You make the Rules. PlugRush delivers results!