Plugrush Automated Rules

You make the Rules. PlugRush delivers results!

Save time on optimizing

Data doesn’t lie: our in-house media buyers save about 90% of their time on optimizing their campaigns, which they now use for working on their strategy, creating and optimizing more campaigns - and making more money!

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Customize your filters

Thanks to our detailed stats you're now able to pinpoint the best traffic for your campaigns based on performance.

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Applicable to all campaign delivery methods

Whatever traffic type you prefer - pops, banners or native ads - you have the Automated Rules feature ready to use at your fingertips.

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Rule the bidding as you please

Change or exclude the bid on various traffic Sources, Сountries, Сarriers, Browsers, OS and Languages - within one campaign.

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Skyrocket your ROI

Using Plugrush Automated Rules will increase your effectiveness and efficiency which inevitably will skyrocket your Return On Investment!

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Set your Rules now!

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It’s so simple - it’ll blow your mind!

Step 1. Create Custom Filters

Customized filters allow you to pinpoint the best performing traffic for your campaign.

Step 2. Create Rules

Rules may target different parameters: CPC, Average Position, amount of traffic, revenue, conversions amount, number of conversions, etc.

Step 3. Apply Filter(s) to the Rule

Attach one or several Filter(s) to the Rule for the perfect optimization tool.

Step 4. Add your Campaigns to the Rule

Apply the Rule to one or more campaigns, sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.

Step 5. Enjoy your life and have fun! We’ll take it from here!

This one is easy, you got it!

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