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First Impressions of Automated Rules

" I’ve been testing PlugRush Automated Rules on more than 20 campaigns now. And I must say: I’m impressed! "

" With PlugRush’s advanced filter system, it takes literally no time to pinpoint the best and the worst traffic for the campaign, create a Rule accordingly and apply. "

" I can say that PlugRush’s solution is very intuitive in use, it’s really simple and works for the campaign optimization like a charm. "

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Step 1: Create Custom Filters

Customized filters allow you to pinpoint the best performing traffic for your campaign.

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Step 2: Create Rules

Rules may target different parameters: CPC, Average Position, amount of traffic, revenue, conversions amount, number of conversions, etc.

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Step 3: Apply Filter(s) to the Rule

Attach one or several Filter(s) to the Rule for the perfect optimization tool.

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Step 4. Add your Campaigns to the Rule

Apply the Rule to one or more campaigns, sit back, relax and watch the magic happen.

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Done - everything is setup.

Enjoy your life and have fun! We’ll take it from here!

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